General recommendations


  • For new buildings / renovations, use shielded cables (especially for wooden buildings), guided radially, pay attention to high-quality grounding and potential equalization.
  • Minimize wall wiring in bedrooms, especially around beds and other quiet areas. That is sockets and lamps min. 100 cm from the edge of the bed.
  • Use Smart Home systems in cable distribution.
  • Use network disconnectors (Gigahertz Solutions) for places of long-term residence (bedrooms, children’s rooms).
  • For non-grounded electrical equipment (especially lamps), check that the plug is correctly turned into the outlet. The phase must be on the switch side. It can be easily detected with the non-contact voltage tester Volcraft MS 18/2.
  • Minimize electrical devices in bedrooms and children’s rooms.
  • Do not use fluorescent lamps, but conventional light bulbs, or LED bulbs with a CRI index > 90, a color temperature of 2700 K and a minimal stroboscopic effect (you can find out with the help of a mobile phone camera, the image does not flicker with high-quality LEDs).
  • Use LED strips only in metal ground strips and with the quality mentioned above.
  • Do not use low voltage halogen bulbs. The transformer creates strong electromagnetic fields.
  • If you use a Babyphone, place it at least 1 meter away from the baby and buy a product that only switches on the radio waves when transmitting sound.
  • If you use an electric stove, place it at least 2 meters from quiet zones. Do not use induction and microwave ovens.
  • Do not use electric underfloor heating, or exceptionally use one where the phase and return wire are in close proximity (e.g.
  • Do not use DECT cordless phones in the home.
  • Buy TVs, speakers and other devices without built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Use earthed devices.
  • Use wooden beds and mattresses without metal parts. Metal near the body affects the earth’s natural magnetic field.
  • Use natural materials (cotton curtains, drapes, wooden floors, natural linoleum, parquet treated with oil / wax. Artificial materials and surfaces can create strong electrostatic fields.


  • When working with a laptop, choose a device with grounding (a plug with a grounding hole), or additionally ground the laptop.
  • Use a wired external keyboard and mouse and do not rest the laptop on your body.
  • Choose a fixed internet connection, turn off wifi/bluetooth on the laptop and set airplane mode.
  • Work in “shifts” when working at the computer. Complete the necessary tasks on the computer, then turn off the screen and tackle other tasks.
  • Place all supply cables as far as possible from your workplace.
  • Use natural materials – wooden floors, tables, cotton curtains, plants, etc.

Mobile phones and internet access

  • Primarily use a fixed internet connection. An RJ45-USB/USB-C adapter can be used for tablets and mobile phones.
  • If you use wifi, place the transmitter outside the quiet zones and turn it off overnight using the time clock. Set Wifi to 2.4 GHz only and reduce its power. Li-Fi systems (data transmission via a light beam) can be used in offices and schools.
  • Use wireless hands free (loud listening) or headphones. Turn off data transfer, wifi and bluetooth.
  • Set your mobile phone to airplane mode at night. The wakeup functions will remain active.
  • Do not make phone calls in places where the signal is weak (cars without hands free, elevators…).
  • Do not unnecessarily extend the call time.
  • When talking on the phone without hands-free, it is best to hold the phones one to two centimeters from your head.
  • Do not carry mobile phones on your body.
  • Do not give mobile phones to small children.

Electric and magnetic fields from the external environment

  • Very strong electric fields are around high voltage power lines. Recommended distances – approx. 1m per 1kV line. That is for example, 110kV – 110m overhead line. Sometimes even less is enough depending on the topography of the landscape, buildings and mature greenery.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to move to a more suitable environment. At lower radiation values, materials can be applied that can shield electromagnetic fields.
  • Cell phone transmitters should not be built on residential buildings, even though the electromagnetic field is usually several times greater in the area in front of the transmitter than under it.
  • External sources: substations, train and tram tracks, metro, mobile phone transmitters, radio, television, radars, amateur transmitters.

Recommended Action

  • Limit the use of electricity devices (specify which are absolutely necessary)
  • Disconnect (manually, automatically – network disconnector)
  • Keep your distance
  • If the previous points cannot be used – shield it

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